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We have the latest Fuji digital X ray system with Siemens X ray machine. All plain and contrast studies are done and interpreted by experienced radiologist. Bed side Siemens mobile X ray unit is available.


We have well equipped clinical laboratory with all modern equipments to carry out all routine investigations as well as special tests. The laboratory has the following modern equipments:

  • Fully automated ERBA EM 360 biochemistry analyzer.
  • Fully automated SYSMEX XP 100 hematology analyzer.
  • Fully automated Minividas immunoassay system.
  • Fully automated¬† Urine Analyser
  • Transasia Coagulation analyser CA 50
  • Medica EasylytePlus Electrolyte Analyser.
  • Arterial Blood Gas Analyser.¬†


Fully automated wireless uroflowmetry is available


We have advanced multi channel ECG machines.


We have GE Logiq sophisticated state of art, multi application, high resolution ultrasound machine which is used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. We have Fukuda portable ultrasound machine which is used for bedside procedures and for the procedures in the Operation theatre.