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This is a new modality of treatment for orthopaedic problems of tendons, bones and joints. It consists of using the body’s own tissues to heal diseased areas.

How do they work?

Biomedical treatments stimulate natural tissue healing and augment the body’s own healing powers.

When an injury occurs to the body, it responds by releasing blood from the damaged blood vessels. Additionally cells are released into the area. These cells serve to limit the damage and heal the damage. Scar tissue forms over time to heal the damage. This is known as the natural healing process or “inflammation”.

Biomedical treatments augment and accelerate this healing process. An orthopaedic surgeon can help to aid this process by several measures which range from physical therapy to injections to surgical procedures. Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam is a member of the International cartilage research society. He has performed biomedical procedures to heal cartilage and bone. These comprise

  • PRP injections for joints, tendons, ligaments and heel spurs.
  • Bone marrow progenitor cell treatment of focal cartilage defects
  • Bone marrow progenitor cell treatment of early hip AVN
  • Key hole surgery to repair cartilage by progenitor cells
  • Auto graft ACL reconstruction

Most of these procedures are performed either as outpatient or day care procedures.