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  • Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam MS Orth, DNB Orth, FRCS, M.Ch Orth
  • Dr. V.M Parthasarathy. MS Ortho
  • Dr. Sunder Ganesh MS Ortho
  • Dr. S. IllavarasanD.Ortho, DNB Ortho


Arthroscopy is a minor surgical procedure used to see and treat problems inside your joints.It is an operation performed under anesthesia using 0.5 cm keyholes, through which, a camera and special surgical instruments are inserted into the joint to repair or remove damaged structures.It is commonly performed for conditions affecting the Knee and Shoulder, but is also used in other joints.


  • Joint Replacement is a surgical procedure, performed for replacing diseased joints like the Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow and other smaller joints with an artificial interface.The durability of an artificial joint varies depending on the interface, technique and usage by the patient, besides other factors. About 95% of the joints are working fine, at the end of 10 years and 80% are OK, at the end of 20 years.
  • After this period the artificial joints can become loose and might need to be re-operated with a fresh implant. This procedure is called a Revision Joint Replacement Surgery and is technically more demanding.Zimmer has now introduced the new High Flex Knee that allows squatting on the floor to suit Indian requirements.


  • Fracture of bones are the most common reasons for someone to visit an Orthopedic Surgeon. Any bone in the body can fracture following an injury or simply due to disease or disorders causing weakness of the bones.
  • 24 hour fracture care service is available for both non-operative and Operative management of fractures through our emergency room department. Out-Patient manipulations for minor ailments and POP application are done without admission to hospital.
  • For more complicated fractures we offer comprehensive treatment through our in-patient services. State of the Art Locking Plate technology is available for elderly people with fragile bones besides the usual Compression Plating technique for routine fractures.
  • An array of pins, Rods and External fixator technology is also available, to be used with the Image Intensifier for precision placement of screws and implants. Cordless Power equipment with high torque eliminates the need for complex connecting tubes and reduces the risk of infection.