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  • Dr. R.JayachandranMCh (Urology) FRCS(England)
  • Dr. Karthik Jayachandran MRCS(U.K.),DNB, MCh(Urology)

Our department of urology has for the last 25yrs strived to provide the best quality of patient care according to the highest level of science and technology with special emphasis laid on ethics. Our philosophy is to develop and use innovative and comprehensive treatments that safeguard patient’s quality of life by preserving normal urinary and sexual function.

Stone Clinic

We are the pioneers and experts in multimodality treatment of stones in kidney, ureter, and bladder. Our focus is to cause minimum trauma while treating the stones. We also lay special emphasis on prevention of future stone formation by:

  • Complete biochemical workup.
  • Diet modification advice.
  • Detailed analysis of the stone.

The minimum invasive stone treatment devices available are:
No surgery modality ESWL (Shock wave Lithotripsy)
No scar modality  Laser
Minimal scar modality  PCNL
Latest Karl Storz flexible URS and Holmium laser is used.

Prostate clinic

Bladder outlet obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the most common urological problems in men. It is a source of significant discomfort to the patient, sometimes culminating in acute retention of urine which is an emergency.

Medical management of BPH by α blockers and finasteride is practiced after urine flow analysis by wireless automated Uroflowmetry.

We are the pioneers in minimally invasive management of this condition by “No Scar” modality of TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate) for last 25yrs.

Latest technique of  laservapourisation of prostate by Diode laser is available.

Urinary Incontinence clinic

Urinary incontinence is a physical, social and psychological problem for the sufferers. We offer comprehensive, innovative, compassionate medical, surgical management with expert counseling to deal with this problem.

Our treatment range includes:

  • Medication.
  • Collagen injection.
  • Biofeedback.
  • Artificial urinary sphincter for men.
  • Pubovaginal sling surgery for women.
  • Surgical repair of urethral stricture disease.
  • Urethral reconstruction.

Infertility clinic and Andrology services

This clinic specifically deals with male sexual function. Semen analysis, testis biopsy are the common investigations undertaken to diagnose the cause of infertility. Varicocoelectomy, vas anastomosis are the common infertility treatment procedures.

We work in close coordination with our department of obstetrics and gynecology to treat both husband and wife as one unit so as to avoid unnecessary expenses, tension and delay in conceiving. We manage erectile dysfunction of any cause Ex: vascular, neurogenic by medical and surgical means.

Kidney Transplant

We have a very experienced team of transplant surgeons and physicians with experience of over 2000 transplants over the past 25yrs.We offer the entire spectrum of dialysis, nephrologist management, counseling, angiography, surgery, post operative management to prevent rejection.

Our transplant recipients from all over India and many parts of the Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Srilanka& Hong Kong are living testaments to our well planned, conceived and executed transplant program.

The approximate cost of kidney transplant is rupees five lakhs. Drugs and disposables cost extra as per actuals.

Pediatric Urology

We provide compassionate care to children with congenital and acquired urologic diseases. The common conditions in pediatric urology like enuresis, phimosis, vesicoureteral reflux, posterior urethral valve and hypospadias are dealt by us in a expert comprehensive manner.

Uro Oncology

We manage cancers of the genitourinary tract with the highest expertise and least trauma.

Kidney, ureter, bladder, penis, testis, cancers are managed by multimodality approach in coordination with the medical oncologist for chemotherapy and the radiotherapist for radiation therapy.

Innovative reconstruction surgery isdone  to restore urinary function. We strive to balance the desire to maintain normal urinary and sexual function with the need to ensure complete removal of tumour to prevent recurrence.

We also treat urooncologies with the least trauma by minimally invasive methods.

Ex: Early bladder cancer is dealt with by “No Skin Scar” transurethral resection of tumours and Holmium laser ablation of tumour.

Prostate cancer clinic

The clinic specializes in early detection of prostate cancer which is asymptomatic in early stage by blood testing for prostate specific antigen PSA levels.

We provide entire gamut of services like:

  • We provide entire gamut of services like:
  • Early detection.
  • Management by open, laparoscopic, cryo surgery according to individual patient criteria.
  • Post operative follow-up for recurrence.
  • Palliative management of advanced cancer.